Monday, July 26, 2010


It was another bored weekend.I was too lazy to go outside and decided to stay at home and watched dvds.At 7 pm,i decided to went to my boss house's.I brought many snack and some ice cream.Well,you cant go to other people house's with empty hand dont you?hakhakhak... I went alone there, my buddy Zia Idris went to Dumai and Yan Perdana went to Pekanbaru for duty.My roomie?Hmmm....of course she back to her home in Pekanbaru. Just when I arrived at babeh Ali's house,it hard rain and thunder...phewww....i right on time.Enyak order me to dinner first...but please tummy is full,can't eat anymore.But i still can eat those TEMPE GORENG TEPUNG,hakhakhak....

Then after small talk...we played MONOPOLY. Always love this game.I remember played this game since i was kid with my dad,my mom,my brothers and my sister.We had fun,always.But sometimes it ended by "fight" and argued,lol.,babeh,enyak and Alba are the players, and Intan is the banker. I made a mistake...i bought many bad places....blurggghhhh...Picked wrong strategy that night.And guess what...I'm the first one who kicked out from the game because bankrupt.Babeh made me.I must paid him because i stayed at his hotel and it cost a lot of money,made me sell all my property,lol.It was never happened before...acckkkk... Well....babeh was man of the night.For the rest of the game he succeded made all players bankrupt,lol.

The game end at 11.30.It still rained...but pass midnite i decided to went home all by myself,although Enyak not let me do it.Yeah,i know she worried about me went alone in the middle of the night,and she asked me t0 let babeh take me home.
Well...i arrived safely and have a nice sleep at that night.It will be my routine every weekend,lol.Hope they dont mind,hohohohoho....

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